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explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionalsla sangre de gallinazo cura la epilepsia

endstream 2 0 obj Describe, use and evaluate two different assessment activities used to check the learning of either individuals or a group of learners. Making sure the room is tidy open and free of hazards caretaker To deliver lessons effectively Of course all teachers want to pass on their knowledge in the most effective way possible. The teacher will achieve this by providing learning tasks, and outcomes tailored to meet the needs of students. In this document you will: 1. 5 0 obj 9 0 obj And this ensures that students can enjoy their education without facing challenges that could affect their education. Contact us. I understand that during the learning process it will be important to engage all learners as much as possible, without making any of them feel intimidated, with an inclusive approach I will be empowering the learners to meet the demands of accreditation., I would establish a respectful, professional relationship with pupils by being patient and positive with the children. Encouraging student participation. Level 3 Award in Education and Training: Unit 1 Q&A, Level 3 Award IN Education and Training - Mark Kendrick This assessment also guides the teachers planning and choice of effective strategies to ensure that at the end of the lesson all and if not all the majority of the students have learned the lessons content and. The students should feel that they have the opportunity to participate and fulfil their potential in everything that they choose to embark on. Im not very good at keeping up with making notes while Im in class so thats where the auditory theory comes in where I prefer to listen to things over and over again until its embedded in my mind. The Equality Act, 2010, (replaces the Disability Discrimination Act, 1995 & 2005), protecting people from discrimination, creating an appropriate environment and making reasonable adjustments to overcome barriers. Autonomy and the instrumental music teacher: negotiating culture in professional practice. Research and implementing new teaching methods. ",#(7),01444'9=82. professionals in the teaching, Peers: I should have some responsibilities towards my peers Responsibilities throughout the stages of the teaching / training cycle The teaching / training cyle is in five stages: 1. Assess 5. to possess a relationship to his own work and to the total social totality of which it is a part 1 .This intellectualism , according to Adorno should extend to every section of the Childs curriculum and not just focus on an area in which the teacher is proficient. Module 3: Understand the relationships between teachers and other professionals in education and training.-Lesson 1: 3.1. Successful completion of this assessment achieves criterion: URRR 3.1 - Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals. 8 0 obj <> 1.3. visual or auditory impairment, physical disability, language, specific learning difficulties Challenging discrimination, working in groups, activities, celebrating festivals, using diverse resources. 4 Pages. Learners expect teachers to respect and protect the confidentiality, confidential information includes personal details. It must allow teachers and students themselves to monitor learning. Their main responsibility is to confirm that learners are enrolled in the correct course, in terms of meeting their needs, abilities, ambitions and an organizations requirements. As a teacher I will need to evaluate the course and delivery throughout the course duration to enable continuous improvement of my teaching and the impact that it is having on my learner. The responsibilities and boundaries of teachers are centred within the following themes; Initial assessment, planning and preparing lessons, delivering and managing learning, supporting learning, and assessment. Every teacher must believe and understand that all their learners should gain equal hopes, education and future ambitions from their learning. teaching role involves working with other professionals Team role, e.g. endobj 10 0 obj & codes of practice relating to own role/responsibilities, 1.3 - Explain ways to promote equality and value diversity, 1.4 - Explain why it is important to identify and meet individual learner needs, 2.1 - Explain ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment, 2.1b - Explain ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment 2/2, 2.2 - Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others, 3.1 - Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals, 3.2 - Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles, 3.3 - Describe points of referral to meet the individual needs of learners. Assessment level. xUKo@[])}EAVET@rR!8-5ih;3;.>D(DE0*:(;Gu'"=,FKN*A-Rk+*%j`4dEj <>>> Once a teacher identifies and meets individual learner needs, it boosts their morale and encourages them. 2.2. Concerning the relationship between the teaching role and colleagues, it can be a cordial or a close relationship, depending on the collaborating individuals. follow the awarding body standards and processes when delivering qualifications. This could highlight early signs that a student is under performing and perhaps the need to liaise with additional support teams; it would also provide clear aims and objectives for the student. the effect and safety aspects it may have on the other Learner's. appr 3.1 Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals Although I deliver the training for Learner's, I am not a qualified electrician or an IT technician! The evaluation from students and myself is an important motivation to become a better. There are times when I need the assistance of other professionals. Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles. Welcome Video1.1 - Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training1.2 - Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory reqs. Throughout the process I must make sure that the course is delivered with quality and professionalism and continually assess my own teaching style and course delivery. (Gravells, 2014, p. 7) Another example of a teaching boundary is being able to work within the limits of that role. When seeking their Explain ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. One way of doing this is by giving them a sense of community, by giving the learners a chance at engaging in a conversation, and/or allowing only one person to talk at a time during a discussion. Remarkably, when exploring the relationship that exists between the teaching role and other professionals, it should first be realized that there is no standard approach for teachers to develop relationships with other professionals such as management or colleagues. The teachers responsibility is to communicate effectively. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Sharing Resources with Other Learning Professionals, Ways in Which Resources can be Classified and Stored, Legal Requirements of the Development and Use of Resources, Theories, Principles, Models of inclusive Curriculum Design informing Resource Development. stream 1.3 Explain ways to promote Equality and Diversity. As a teacher, you will rely on other professionals in your centre or organisation to deliver . Maintain records of progress. <> Specifically, I do two jobs both in the Supported Learning . Complete the table below explaining the working relationship that exists between the teaching role and other professionals, as listed below, then think of other professionals that you come into contact with and explain the relationships. A student may have issues outside of class, its my place as a teacher to signpost, and I cannot be seen to be getting involved outside of my area of expertise. There are five steps in the teaching/training cycle; identifying needs, planning/designing, facilitating, assessing and evaluating. 6. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.56 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Basically, they need to identify the needs of the learner, plan the learning, facilitate the learner, access them and eventually qualify them. Students will have a wide selection of queries and issues and it is essential that teachers are able to refer students to ensure they receive the correct advice, no matter how well intentioned, being supportive and helpful can cause more problems than it solves if it concerns matters outside of our knowledge, skills and expertise. (Gould & Roffey-Barentsen, 2014, p. 25). Boyle, K., 2020. Free Samples and Examples of Essays, Homeworks and any Papers. Watch out! As a key part of our teaching and education training we need to develop knowledge and understanding of our roles, responsibilities and relationships within the teacher, student environment. When explaining the relationship between the teaching role and other professionals, Gravells (2017:44) provides examples of the teaching role working with other professionals as follows: Reflecting on the above points, the teaching role should always strive to uphold the values of professionalism at all times. Further Reading - Website article on "Maintaining Your Professional Boundaries" guidance and advice for teachers. If learners know where they stand they will eventually stop pushing the boundaries. In my position as IT manager at Barnsley College there are roles and responsibilities that are set to facilitate personal and organisational goals the same can be said for teaching and learning. Each session will have a mix of written and practical tasks to keep the learners enthusiastic. Although I dont think my attempt at this assignment is very good, I tried my best, but I could have done better. 4 0 obj The highest level such a relationship can take is one of providing support to each other. It is hard to ascertain that a student has fully understood a certain concept (Stronge and Tucker 2017). Lesson 2: 3.2. Dxk`$tMz5Apurhu {3q($YnQkvV+t8 vZ/WVL,_2] ,p\{1]UbDB3H JZ]A1Txyk-tD?yO>(y6V i#Z:_AhQ/;Lu4\u6q2|Kx[a Ensure the security of learners whilst complying with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. You'll get a detailed solution from a subject matter expert that helps you learn core concepts. Petty (1998), p.69, states: All students must feel that they are positively and equally valued and accepted, and that efforts to learn are recognised, and judged without bias. 1.1 Main Role and responsibilities as a teacher/trainer in education and training An awareness of how not doing this might affect your learners, Each learner must be treated with respect and I help them with their progress and confidence in the subject. 10 0 obj Although their first role in the process is as passive listeners, listening requires paying attention during class. Those that need more instruction can sit closer to the teacher. Routledge. Although my role as a teacher the professional practice and conduct of teachers, teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all students areas where learning support is needed at Work Act (1974) support your findings Word count = 500-800 (+/- 10%) Summarise key aspects of legislation,regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities role and responsibilities in lifelong learning Any roles come with own responsibilities. Communicating with administrative personnel, Contacting companies to procure equipment and resources, Obtaining technical support from colleagues for unfamiliar equipment, Engaging in team-teaching sessions with other professional colleagues. Equality and diversity is the idea of promoting and accepting the differences between people. Similarly at each stage the teacher has to perform within certain boundaries., My role as a teacher will be to plan and deliver learning that will not only inspire and motivate the learners but it will also develop the knowledge, vocational skills, study skills and life skills the learners will need to help them succeed. As a former student, I recognise that I should training the techniques of teaching in order to advance my skills, however, if I get diverse and a lot of experience, it does not really matter because there are continuously new techniques developments, new ideas and new technologies out there for me to use and pick up to improve my future teaching. 48 Vitosha Boulevard, ground floor, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria, Samploon, Inc. 2022. 3.2. involve working with other professionals? endobj Learners will feel motivated, supported, empowered, and developed because the best learning conditions are created. Would you like to get a custom essay? | Skills and talents become needs too because they require nurturing to develop, once the teacher identifies them and provides the essential support to develop them, they help the learners to discover and grow them. %PDF-1.5 By continuing well assume youre on board with our,, Select a writer from a large pool of experts. Collaborator. A teacher knows how to work well as part of a team. keeping up to date in subject area, awareness of codes of conduct, preparing sessions, keep records etc. 11 0 obj y/!njJfuuD\SzH02T>P 2RL[}I!U-jgB% n"|M%$4Xk:~Yuj,k^kA!BIPB1"SlwhRS`R But make sure you ask yourself if you are delivering lessons in the most effective and productive way that you can. During teaching practice student teachers are like apprentices to acquire Understanding my role and that of other professionals is paramount, as I would need to work collaboratively with other colleagues, parents, health care professionals or even localauthorities, not only to improve teaching practice, but enable me to reflect on my own professional practice and improve the learning experience of the student. Avis, J., Fisher, R and Thompson, R (2015) Teaching in Lifelong Learning, 2nd Edition, Berkshire: Open University Press, Gravells, A. rZh%\WXHqI+4 7ssu< b6SBZ8e?-%k,+8!qyU1%$"$] endobj 1, Explain what your main role & responsibilities are as a teacher/trainer in Education and Training (1.1) My role as a Teacher As a teacher, one of my main roles is to motivate my learners, to develop their ability to learn also to develop my learner's aspiration to learn. Boundaries between the teaching role and other Professionals. They carry out initial and/or diagnostic assessments with clear communication with their learners, other professionals, and stakeholders by promoting appropriate behavior and respect for others. However, there will be other levels of management that a teacher has to liaise with frequently. My main role as a teacher is to facilitate, curriculum. Working effectively as Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals. This could improve communication, teamwork and build a sense of community and inclusion. Please let us know what annoys you most about being a teacher! endobj Teachers do not need to become best friends with their colleagues as the focus should remain on maintaining a professional relationship. A perfect example is the use of projectors, which can only be fixed by ICT experts. Teachers have a role/responsibility and boundaries. This promotes positive behavior and respect with the learners. If a learner feels supported by their teacher, they will develop rather than lose interest in learning. When seeking their In order to do this teachers are responsible for promoting a safe supportive learning environment as well as promoting equality and diversity. It is well. Teachers always have to protect themselves by following the rules of the code of practice. | You can use essay samples to find ideas and inspiration for your paper. In a continually changing society, the profession of teaching is becoming more complex and important. What are the roles and responsibilities of teaching? get help for learners or to refer learners, it's my responsibility to make sure The term practice teaching has three major connotations: the practicing of teaching skills and acquisition of the role Creative Event The Roles and Responsibilities in Professional Theatre In order for me to recognise the roles and responsibilities that I and between the stage manager and the actors on stage. Administrative staff to deal with paperwork and hand outs To be able to deliver effective and inclusive teaching sessions, where all individual characteristics are included. <> (2017). 6 0 obj The main areas of importance are: Data Protection Act, 1998, protecting people from personal data being shared. 3 0 obj Also, the boundaries of the teaching role and developing relationships with other professionals may not always be clarified by the organization. The main boundaries to be set are:, These are varied, as a teacher we should standardise our practices with others, prepare the material we wish to deliver. Our experts will write for you an essay on any topic, with any deadline and requirements from scratch, Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training. It is essential that all voices are equally heard, not just the learner who is more out spoken then another., For me studying Philosophy in College has always been an extremely confusing yet thought provoking exercise. How my role will involve working with other professionals and what the boundaries are between the teaching role and other professional roles Gravells, A. What is your role and responsibilities as a learner in education? As a teacher, I have to be a proficient in the familiarity of my teaching areas, and be expert enough to be able to explain and teach them. Besides, a teacher may be required to work with other professionals such as they can work with ICT technicians. I believe the best teachers continually seek to improve their teaching skills, preparation, and materials. And this is crucial as they can set up different types of equipment that can be used in the learning of students. 1.1. The initial task was to produce a job description on my ideal job. Ongoing assessment is crucial as it points out the weaknesses and strengths of the students and it informs them as to where they are at and where they need to be. During the teaching practice student teachers find an opportunity to use the acquired knowledge, especially in the areas of psychology, teaching methods, teaching principles and teaching techniques. You can view our Privacy Policy here. Both of these people have a huge impact on ensuring that they continuously evaluate the students ensuring they understand the concept. The welfare of students must be addressed at all times. 1.2. I.e. There are five steps in the teaching/training cycle; identifying needs, planning/designing, facilitating, assessing and evaluating. endobj Assessment needs to be an ongoing, integral part of the teaching and learning cycle. Understand ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. Examples of working with other professionals may include Another responsibility is contributing to a team of professionals in order to improve the experience and achievement of their learners. Any inappropriate behaviour should be dealt with in a respectful way, so not to undermine the learners or the ground rules mutually agreed. Though this applies to secondary education the principles can inform teacher roles in the lifelong learning sector. Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others. Treat others with respect. Samploon is a database of free essay samples. 1.3 Explain ways to promote equality and value diversity Things you might want to cover: Meeting individual learning needs, e.g. role and responsibilities in lifelong learning. gender, social-class or attainment groups) are fully and equally accepted and valued by you, and the establishment in which we work. Question 2 3. This means, each activity has an aim that caters for the needs of a certain learner, and so by the end of the day, every learners needs are fully met. Analyse the purpose of assessment and produce a written justification of your chosen assessment method. Mainly this is the body tasked with attaining that students are well evaluated. Teachers have a role/responsibility and boundaries. Day to day assessment is a crucial phase of effective teaching, it comprises of the teacher and the teaching assistant in the class focusing on how learning is progressing in that particular lesson, defining where improvements can be made and recognising the next step for the child, my role is working in partnership alongside the teacher who will help, support and work collaboratively with me as this will result in a valuable exchange of ideas and joint problem solving to enhance the future learning of the children we work with. part of a team and sharing valuable ideas and resources. Organizing the classroom in a certain way is recognizing the needs of each learner. xn@-r="z "'$[lo&@j=|38'~8BJBp0Ck4qtEG\8Gpvqp/)*TLF)RdbF 2O&d m}%@5p/-PEz[T*j| &l.,STnT5T\W*8q The primary role of a teacher is to deliver classroom instruction that helps students learn. Handbook on Teacher Evaluation with CD-ROM. In the Institute of Learning's Code of Professional Conduct is states that individuals "respect the rights of learners and colleagues in accordance with relevant legislation and organisation requirement" (, 2013)., In summary, it is imperative to remain professional in the school environment and when communicating with other practioners in contact with school. 3.2 Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles. As a teacher/trainer I will need to be able to adapt my style of teaching by being a friend, counsellor, mentor to ensure that my learners are, As a teacher I am responsible for the evaluation of course work and all aspect of the learning process to gauge whether improvements can be made. Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals. Their learners should secure education without any barriers, this safeguards that the challenged learners do not feel left out or discriminated from the rest. % In this story teachers, were very helpful to the students. Identifying needs and planning, designing with planning, facilitating, assessing and evaluating. But being a teacher involves much more than executing . Teachers must also engage in external and internal verifies. Researching and developing new teaching materials. Ongoing assessment of their progress and knowledge, keeps both the student and myself informed. The Term Paper on Students Diversity and Teaching Practices, The Essay on Teachers And Other Teachers Have Taught Students One Teacher, Understand own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning, Roles and Responsibilities in Lifelong Learning, Evaluate own roles and responsibilities in lifelong learning, Teaching Role And Responsibilities In Education And Training, Students Diversity and Teaching Practices. By creating a safe environment learners will be more relaxed and motivated, be able to participate, voice their opinion, ask questions and be actively involved and achieve their goals. Their role is not just about teaching their subject or preparing learners for assessment, the focus of their role relates to inspiring their learners to change and develop their personal, social and professional skills to the best of their ability and to empower their learners to understand how to take responsibility for their own development. Gravells (2017: 43) remarks that the onus is on the teacher to find out who the different levels of management are and how they can be contacted by reviewing the organization chart and the representative lines of communication. <> Essentially Adorno requires the teacher to be an intellectual i.e. The Theories of Learning that I associate with is all three, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals; The 'Team Around the Child' (TAC) concept can include any . It is therefore important to recognise that I do not let my personal situations affect my professionalism. This can be achieved through several methods. The place to start is with the teaching training cycle as it gives a basic framework that is flexible and adaptable. 3 0 obj stream 3.1. 3.1 How the teaching role involves working with other professionals Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others. The teaching profession is evolving on a regular basis, with new technology being incorporated into teaching methods and information updated regularly. <> They also must be committed to their own professional learning, seeking to expand their skills and to deepen their knowledge as a teacher. We have a Knowledgebase video and article for this page! Explain ways to promote equality and value diversity. Start and finish your paper with ease. 3.1 Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals. 2.1 - Explain ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment; 2.1b - Explain ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment 2/2; 2.2 - Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others; 3.1 - Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals 3.1. <>/XObject<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 960 540] /Contents 12 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> <> The teacher must remain professional, act with integrity and act with impartiality. As a teacher I have a responsibility to deliver teaching that is suitable for each students individual needs, keeping the learning styles varied and interesting and ensuring suitable resources are available. Boundaries are essential while teaching and are often implemented by the teacher to ensure a professional relationship is maintained, for example, ensuring that as a teacher you "preserve a degree of 'professional distance'" (Gould & Roffey-Barentsen, 2014, p. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); The effectiveness of teaching and learning approaches used in own area of specialism in relation to meeting the individual needs of learners, The role and use of initial and diagnostic assessment in agreeing individual learning goals. by respecting them and exhibiting good practice such as making sure that the 3.2 Explain the boundaries between the role and other professional roles. OPEN DOCUMENT. 11 0 obj Retrieved from, Teachers Ethical Convictions in Supporting Learners Argumentative Essay, Error Analysis of English Written Essays of Undergraduate Students, Inclusive Education and Physical Disabilities, Social Justice in Music Education: Choral Music Educators, Leadership Development and Competency Modelin Teaching, Impact of Task Based Language Teaching on Uplifting Writing Skills, Teacher Stress and How it Affects the Classroom Environment. 7 0 obj In regards to disabilities, a teacher should make sure that learning materials does not discriminate against anyone, that they are adapted where necessary, for example, large print or audiotape format. the effect and safety aspects it may have on the other Learner's. appr 3.1 Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals Although I deliver the training for Learner's, I am not a qualified electrician or an IT technician! Boundaries and ground rules are in place to keep us and the learners' safe, to avoid any incident and to help. 2062 Words 9 Pages Better Essays Essay on Unit 008 Ptlls U1 AC 3.1 Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals. You should also make sure that each individual is learning with consistent assessing of their progress and keeping records of this, to help we have a teaching and learning cycle (Gravells, A. endobj "Teaching is a continuous process which follows a series of steps to ensure effective learning and (Wilson, 2009). <> (2021, Jun 07). All samples were added by students. I will also It is not enough that they aretolerated. Understand the relationships between teachers and other professionals in education and training. Eqa. A teacher must try and avoid being remembered as a miserable teacher. true life where are they now,

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